Some of us must be gluttons for punishment as quite a few of us, after a late night on Saturday after the Night Masters, came back early Sunday morning to help the VSCC with their Vintage Stampede.

The weather was just a little different from the previous day with a much lower temperature, a breeze and a couple of small showers and a heavier downpour all making the day less enjoyable by being cold and wet then warm and dry then cold and wet again.

Now this was being run as a Regularity Trial NOT a race but apparently some of the drivers didn’t really grasp the idea behind this concept as there was clearly some serious competing going on. The day’s proceeding went ahead with few hitches, a couple of events were red flagged as drivers were not keen to get out of their cars but stayed parked in unsafe positions, a few DNF’s, an introduction of one Special to the tyre wall but generally very close times in all the categories, so well done VSCC organisers and others.

Somehow I get the impression that VSCC radios don’t like me as this event was the second time I’ve “broken” one of their sets… not my fault, it must be the radio!!!