26-27/2/22 WASCC Nightmasters

Well, this weekend had it all! All the categories, new regulations and procedures, new officials, night racing, wow! The weather has gone from last years non-sense of rain/lightning/etc to sun sun sun! No flag points were left without action over the weekend, the drivers really kept us on our toes. A big thanks to everyone that attended.

We hope to see you all at our next big event, Supercars!

1/5/21 WASCC Race Meeting

What a fantastic of racing yesterday. A huge thank you to all Officials, great effort by all. I was placed by the CFM of the day with a Driver (nothing unusual there, it happens quite often). Every Driver asks the same question, hoping I will theirs. Truth is, my favourite part is working with the Driver and getting to know more about them, their car, why they race. If the day goes well, we both finish the day with a healthy respect for each others role on Race Day. – Pete M

28/2/21 WASCC Race Meeting

What a start to the 2021 Racing Year. To say it all happened all day would be a massive understatement. A huge THANK YOU to each and every Official for your time yesterday. Many thanks to the Flaggie team. I heard some great things about a couple of new recruits. Thank you to the 3 Formula Ford guys for coming and working hard. Even thank you to the 3 Flaggies who went to the Fire Crew for the day. Sorry there was an incident that required your services, especially on the back of 3 during Saturday’s tuning Day. Even thank you to the young Official who brought a hot cup of Tea in the afternoon…oh wait, that didn’t happen. See you in 4 weeks for Nightmasters…Nathan Green will be the CFM. And yes those ^$^(*& photographers got me again! – Pete M

Formula Vee drives

My word, Flaggies INSIDE race cars???? Amazing to see Formula Vee WA give us a couple of seats for a red hot go to some dedicated officials! Ron and Stephen K had an amazing time with the crew and I’m sure the smiles couldn’t be wiped off! Massive thanks to David Campbell and the entire Vee family for making us feel welcome. Ron is in 58 and Stephen in 7.

2020 Season

Thank you for your efforts in 2020. It was very, very challenging at times. Thank you to everyone who got soaked on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. Please accept this as my personal thanks to you for all your efforts in 2020 and I hope to see you in 2021.

Peter M

WFMA Shed move!

Good news! As of today we have moved out of the trusty old shed and into the old admin building (as you come into the raceway, its the first building on the left. Parking for officials is still on the grassed area as you come in on the left. The move means more space including training area, more covered areas and air con!!

2020 Supercars new date

Good news! The new date has been set for October 30 – November 1 (day events) for Supercars! This is always subject to change still so keep an eye out on the Supercars.com website for further updates. We are looking to be on track so to speak for a WASCC June 21 return to racing.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Hi Everyone, as you most would be aware a lot of events have been either cancelled or postponed. WA Sporting Car Club events have been cancelled until late June, and the Supercars event has been postponed until later in the year. See the promotors respective websites or facebook pages for any updates.

16/11/19 WASCC Enduro Wanneroo 100

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you to all the flaggies who turned up on what was a fairly horrendous stinking hot day. By 11am it was over 34C but Arnold and Glen decided flag point 8 was still too cold so started their own little bonfire. Peter and Stephen took home the most reports award from flag point 4 of all places thanks mainly to excels being, well, excels. Nathan and Ray decided to park the car, which lapped the entire field in the first 15 minutes of the enduro, in the sand 3 laps from the end. We had a BMW randomly stopping at various parts of the circuit, Ken and Dennis did a fantastic job with blue flags in pit lane and simultaneously managing turn 1, while Pete Warrener and Jaimee executed the perfect gender reveal! It was a short day but you all did a really amazing job in really trying conditions. Thank you so much to each and every one of you, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year! (and Stephen K is clearly a better driver than me as he didn’t even crash the bus this event!) – James H

26-27/10/19 Race meeting

What an amazing weekend of motorsport! Nothing short of eventful, but very entertaining racing on track. A huge thank you to the always fantastic officials for two huge days in trying weather. Thank you to everyone involved in a beautiful dedication to a true gentleman of the sport, Rob Janney. A huge thank you to everyone who played a part in today’s events. Nothing we do will ever repay what Rob has done for the club and the sport and, again, we say thank you for all you’ve done.