Today was the Pre-Race Meeting Tuning day, and I wish I could have stayed in bed. It was cold, wet and windy, Lake Barbagallo was up and down like the proverbial ——- ——— as each successive shower hit the circuit. We started on time with 9 Street cars, 2 open wheelers and 2 Logbook cars altho’ this did increase over the day as more log book cars arrived… only to be left on their trailers, turned around and on their way home by midday!!! Ducky seemed to be the only one enjoying himself as he did a number of driver training/assessment sessions, notable among which was one Scooby driver who Ducky must have been teaching the art of spinning in the middle of Turns 1 and 7 without beaching the car in the sand. In general there were no major dramas, Dozer had to tow in a novice Ute “driver” who had run out of fuel (!!!) one Saloon car driver who must have thought the sun was out as he wanted to play in the sand in T6 and an Audi RS4 driver who just made it back to Pit Lane before coughing out of fuel… another novice.

I am trying to get the WASCC to get drivers who are towed for running out of fuel, to make a donation to the Officials of the Day… ain’t gonna happen!!!!!

Looking forward to our BBQ at Whiteman Park tomorrow and hoping the weather improves and then we have next weekend’s Regularity and Race Meeting… See You There.