Upcoming events

We have a number of different events coming up between now and the end of the racing season that outside clubs have asked for our assistance… we also have had a request for at least 9 marshals for the WA Drift Club 2 day meeting in Collie on 27/28th September. This is a National event, and we will be paid, but the downside is sleeping in the dorms at the track unless you want to make other camping arrangements… more on that later.

We have 2 TSOA meetings coming up 20th October and 13th December, one’s a day and the other’s a night, both paid and only 5 marshals as its all short track.

Also in September is the VSCC Coalfields 500 Hill Climb and Regularity and Racing on 13th and 14th, that same weekend as the Italian day at Barbagallo’s, so we will be split between the 2 of them. Dani has arranged the Flag Marshals for this weekend plus there will be a couple of the Hyundai drivers coming down to get off their “P’s”.

We have speed events, sprint events, HQ Collie meetings and loads more that will be divulged as soon as more info is received. Oh and I’ve also got bike days to cover (2-a-month) through to mid December!!!