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24/7/16 Mid Year Race Meeting

I always thank all the officials for a job well done because they all work damn hard each and every race meeting. I very, very rarely single anyone out. This will be one of my rare occasions but I always bring it back to everyone.

I have to applaud my Flaggy on FP11 yesterday. Everyone says “nothing will happen on FP11” and, for the most part, that’s very true. But when something does happen there, it’s usually big. You only have to google “Karl Reindler crash” to see how big it can be.

As captured by Travis from Barnsies Photos, that poor car was never going to straighten up, the yellows were on before the car stopped moving (or before it came to a sudden stop), and the comms from that flag point after the incident were as clear and concise as you can get. It takes a lot of experience dealing with adrenalin rushes that would normally turn Joe Public into a panicking mess into the ability to move beyond natural reaction and calmly state “Race Control, Flag Point 11, car in the wall, driver’s left, heavy impact” and leave it up to Race Control to do their thing.

I wasn’t Chief Flag Marshal yesterday. I stood back and watched everything from the outside. There was one word to describe what I felt: Pride. Pride in what everyone did, pride in what was accomplished, pride in seeing succession planning in full swing, pride in seeing training put to use, pride in watching people put their hand up to go the next step in their officiating journey and stepping up, pride in watching someone be open to new experiences and giving something new a go. I couldn’t be any prouder of what I watched from the sideline.

So, to Knobby on FP11, thank you. To my wonderful flag marshal team, thank you. To all officials this weekend, thank you. You are all amazing. No matter how rough some days can be, don’t ever forget that: You are all amazing.

One can never forget the competitors. Without them putting in the time and effort (and hard earned dollars) to get their cars on track, we would have a lot of time on our hands to get up to far more mischief than the world could handle!

Keep up the fantastic job you all do and I will see you at the next event. Let’s hope those damn Pelicans and their bowels stay away from our bench seats!!!


19/06/16 Winter Classic

Pretty sure I say this every meeting but the racing was absolutely fantastic today. The weather was amazingly dry but extremely cold out there, only half living up to the usual Winter weather we get for our Winter race meeting. The heavens opened after everyone was in from their flag points and, for that, we are extremely grateful to The Weather Powers That Be. Well done to all the officials who braved the cold today. It was looking a bit touch and go in the afternoon and it‘ll probably take me the next week to defrost.

Formula Vee Western Australia had close racing throughout their entire field. Formula Ford are always entertaining. WA Sports Sedan & Sports Car Association Inc among the Super GTs were extremely impressive. Formula Classic WA offered the usual red Henderson Ralt blur, which created some very interesting passing moves. Improved Production Racing Association of WA were impressive in numbers and very entertaining with races. Saloon Car Racing WA, awesome as always, especially Race 3 with the car shuffle. Great job by all competitors! Hopefully everyone who couldn’t keep it on the black stuff are all okay and back out the next time racing comes around.

Catch you all next month!


6/6/16 Albany Classic

Another Albany Classic has been and gone for the year. As always, it is an amazing weekend put on by Vintage Sports Car Club of WA. Huge shoutout to all the volunteers and officials who made the entire weekend possible. A wonderful job done by all. Competitors put on a great show for the thousands of spectators who came down to watch the event. Weather was great with the rain staying away for the entire event.

15/5/16 Ernie Hastie Memorial

What a fantastic weekend of racing at Collie Motorplex for the Ernie Hastie Memorial event. Firstly a massive thank you to every official who came out this weekend. After a big V8 weekend where most people were officiating for three days straight, to turn up for Collie was greatly appreciated by the promoter and organiser.

There was some awesome racing put on by all classes. HQ Racing WA, WA Excel Cup with a bonus Ryan Humfrey turned it up on Saturday, where they had fantastic weather, and the racing was really enjoyable as it always is.

Formula Ford had a couple of events with practice and qualifying yesterday then some very fast racing happening today. Watching the timing screen today saw Calan Williams lower the lap record by just under 1 second before the rain started playing havoc.

An absolutely amazing field for Formula Vees with over 20 cars on track and a great show put on by all.

Saloon Cars got to play during the rain logged day today and it was entertaining as always. Congratulations go to Grant Johnson taking out the Ernie Hastie trophy for the second year in a row.

Well done to the competitors of the regularity and super sprint events. Hopefully the rain stays away from whenever super sprints are next offered.

I think Anna did a fantastic job getting this event organised and I’m sure she was on a steep learning curve all weekend. Well done to her putting up with us in race control with our never ending requests for paperwork!

Last but not least, a massive thank you to every official and competitor who continues to make the trip to Collie and support the track. Without you all, these awesome events wouldn’t happen.

Until next time.

Dani Meyn

2016 V8 Supercars

Another V8 weekend done and dusted. A massive thank you to the whole flaggy team for their hard work and dedication for the whole weekend. The weather was extremely trying on Friday and Saturday (pretty sure our guest flag marshal from Victoria brought the wonderful Victorian weather with her) but today’s fine weather brought with it some trying incidents as well.

To those heading south next weekend with a state championship round in Collie, I will see you there.

To those heading to Albany or to the next state championship round at Barbagallo, have a wonderful break.


17/4/16 Autumn Classic

What a great 2 days of racing put on by all involved. Saturday saw hot and sunny weather put on for WA Historic Touring Car Club, Formula Vee Western Australia, Formula Classic WA, Formula 1000 and 2 regularity groups. We managed to stay relatively incident free until one regularity group unfortunately hit a flag point and the other regularity group decided to hit each other. Keeping things interesting!

Sunday saw the complete opposite with weather, with cool temperatures and a very wet track at times. That certainly kept the incidents rolling through all classes from memory, with some very entertaining drives from WAGT/WA Sports Sedan & Sports Car Association Inc, Saloon Car Racing WA, Improved Production Racing Association of WA, HQ Racing WA, WA Excel Cup and Formula Ford.

As always, great work done by the officials. There were some very trying times throughout both days and you all pulled it off in your wonderfully professional way, which makes the days work so much better. Well done, all!

Now it is time to rest up and prepare for the V8s. Less than 3 weeks to go!

CAMS Young Officials 2016

Please share with everyone you can:

An Exhilarating V8 Super Car Experience Awaits!

If motor sport ignites a spark in you, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) Young Officials program is a great pathway for people aged 16-25 to get involved in all the speed, thrills and excitement of the track! Come along and be guided around the venue and see behind the scenes of a National Event.

There are many different roles for officials, so no matter what youโ€™re interested in โ€“ from scrutineering vehicles and timekeeping, to flag-waving, administration and everything in between โ€“ there will be a role to suit you. This year, Young Officials will again be a big part of the V8 Supercars at Barbagallo Raceway from 6-8 May, so why not get involved? A free weekend pass will be given to each Young Official taking part in the programme!

This year for the first time, we are opening the program up to the parents of Young Officials as well, if they would also like to learn about becoming a motorsport official.

How to get involved:

To be part of CAMS Young Officials 2016, you need to be available for a briefing on the evening of Thursday 28 April at the CAMS office in Joondanna. The Young Officials Program itself will run at Barbagallo Raceway on the Saturday of the V8s (7 May). Places are strictly limited as there is a maximum number we can accommodate.

To apply for the Young Officials program, please send an email to with the details below.

Date of Birth:

Registrations close Monday 25 April.

If you have any queries please contact Doug Bell or Tracey Rowley via the email address above.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Kind regards
Doug Bell
Chair, CAMS WA State Officiating Panel

3/4/16 Northam Flying 50

Thank you to all WFMA members who came out to Northam for the Flying 50.

It turned out to be quite a warm day in the sun and we had good fields of
cars. From what I saw when walking around the circuit, spectator numbers
were good and they all seemed to be having a good time.

Our only notable incident was a major oil spill on the track about six
events from the end that nearly brought the day’s proceedings to a halt. The
amount of oil that was spread over the track was more than the kitty litter
available could cope with. Thanks to the Northam Volunteer Fire and Rescue
for chipping in with their own supplies – it meant that the oil spill that
continued from before turn 1 to after turn 3 could all be cleaned up and the
track made safe again for the final events of the day.

After every event, we always ask ourselves the questions of “How did we do?”
and “What can we do better next time?” I have a couple of suggestions myself
which I’ll be passing on but I’m sure the Committee would love to hear any
feedback from those of you who went. But on the whole, our members
represented WFMA very well as usual, in whatever role they were performing,
from waving flags, to temporary track marshals, to race control,
start/finish line and more. We are very lucky to have such a diverse group
of people with skills in so many areas. Thank you all for making my job so
easy on the day.

For those that didn’t make it there this year, why not put your hand up for
the 2017 event! It’s a great day out and the temporary street circuit is a
different environment to what we’re used to. – Doug Bell

28/3/16 Super Karts

Well the weather was perfect and once teething problems were sorted out we were left with a great day of racing. The drivers obviously liked it as they keep coming out until the sun went down. Several minor incidents kept everyone on their toes, finding new ways to test the crew. We had just enough people to cover the entire track so I hope to have the same or more attend next time. – Aaron

WASCC registration

WFMA flaggies, for those who sent their WASCC registration form in before my email sent during the week, please look in your letterbox over the next few days. My 2016 passes and parking sticker have arrived. For those who sent in their form after my email, passes can be picked up at the Officials Function on 17 February. Those flaggies unable to attend the function, I will follow up with WASCC as to when your passes will be available next week. – Dani