WAMO goes live!

Welcome to Western Australian Motorsport Officials Incorporated (WAMO)! As of 5/4/24, we have changed names. Please bare with us while we update the website and documents.

AGM and new committee

Hi Everyone, we conducted our AGM yesterday with a fantastic turnout, and have some exciting news!

Firstly, a motion was raised to change our name to the Western Australian Motorsport Officials (WAMO). This motion was carried with a majority vote! We will now begin the process of change, as it won’t be an overnight thing.

Your new committee is:

President: Peter Westbrook

Vice President: Nathan Green

Treasurer: Kim Outtrim

Secretary: Paige Playford – we welcome Paige into the role to take over from Aaron who was in it for 8 years!

Members: Aaron York, Rachael Fenn, Nathan Fenn, and Conor Chiswell who we also newly welcome into the committee.

We feel this year will be very good for us, so see you soon!

October 2023 Excel Nationals

Hi. Officials at this weekend’s 2023 Hyundai Excel Nationals Perth at CARCO.com.au Raceway were blown away by what was thrown at us! Almost everything that could happen, did! All officials put in a massive effort (including those also attending extra Tuning Days), over long days, with heaps of delays beyond officials’ control. A huge thank you to everyone who put in time to make the weekend work!

September 2023 Race Weekend

Another fantastic weekend of racing! The weather mostly held out, and it was not long before we saw close racing, thrills and spills! Several officials are making their way up the ranks to become senior officials, and for that we thank them.

29/7/23 Race day

Wow! Talk about an action-packed day! The drivers really turned it on, even though the fields were small, the overtaking and door-to-door action in several categories was constant. Some delays saw the officials’ dedication to continue right until there was no more day to race in. Many extra officials joined us, and we hope to see many of them return.

1/7/23 Race day

Wow! What a day! Heaps of thills and spills, almost non-stop action! Can’t wait for the video this Friday from the WASCC Facebook page!

2023 Supercars

Wow! Another amazing weekend in the bag at CARCO.com.au Raceway with Supercars! New generation of cars saw the closest racing we’ve seen in years. Support categorises gave us some exciting action! Thanks to all those that came across to join the team, the weather was perfect to boot. See you again next time!

November 2022 Race Weekend

Well, that’s a wrap for this year!! Superb racing all weekend, and what a weekend it was! Twilight racing and fantastic weather (for a change). We hope to see you all again very soon.

Special thanks to those members of UWAM for joining us and Turn 7 Media for ongoing support.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our volunteer team, let us know!

September Race Weekend

What a weekend! Thanks to all the officials that went, and especially those that went both days. The weather was superb, and the on track action even better! Lot of extra helping hands joined us as well, thank you to those that stepped up.

July 2022 Race Weekend

Could the weekend throw any more at us?? Rain/storms/wind/sunshine/spins/thrills/bit of oil and some race cars in there somewhere I’m told. Absolutely massive dedication to all the attendees to Wanneroo Raceway, LETS DO IT AGAIN IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!