Monthly Archives: March 2015

21/3/15 Night Masters

Shout out to all WFMA flaggies and all officials who worked their backsides off at last night’s Night Masters event at Barbagallo Raceway. The event went very well, pretty much finishing on time, despite a number of incidents throughout the day. Flaggies, you never fail to amaze me with your dedication to our sport. We had more than enough numbers with a couple of points running three marshals. Thank you to Saloon Car Racing WA‘s Chris Lillis and Improved Production Racing Association of WA/WA Excel Cup‘s Jeremy for putting your hands up to complete your track side participation.

Upcoming events are Vintage Sports Car Club of WA‘s Northam 2 Day Festival of Speed (formerly Flying 50 event) next Sunday, 29 March, followed by the Autumn Classic Race event 11-12 April at Barbagallo. A couple of us are heading to the Bathurst Motor Festival over Easter so we will keep you up to date with our shenanigans.

Til next time


March 14 Tuning Day

Well the first full tuning day is done. A great turn out by Flaggies. Everyone got involved in at least one recovery. So if you have 1/2 a Saturday to spare, check out the rest of the dates for Tuning Days and let me know and you will get to experience another side to officiating. Unless something goes really wrong you will had a good time.
See ya then.