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2015 AGM / Committee / Constitution / Calendar

Greetings all!

A massive thank you to all WFMA members for attending the AGM or sending through their proxy vote paperwork. We had a fantastic turn out! With it being very much business-like and a lot less social than our usual AGMs, the Committee will be putting together a social event so keep an eye out for information to follow later.

The WFMA 2016 Committee is:
President: Dani Meyn
Vice President: Peter Morley
Secretary: Aaron York
Treasurer: Stephen Pole
Committee members: Kim Outtrim, Tyler Morley, Robert Pole

The new Constitution with minor changes was accepted by more than a two-thirds majority of those members in attendance. All financial members (this now includes our Young Officials), will receive notification when the paperwork has been accepted by the Department of Commerce.

The calendar is up on Facebook (and our website) with a document to be released once Super Karts provide their dates. Keep an eye out for WFMA training, we will endeavour to have two sessions before the V8s roll into town, with a further two training sessions to be held later in the year, plus a session in Collie.

If there are any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate getting in touch with one of the Committee members. All contact details and committee meeting dates can be found under the Join/Contact Us tab and if you haven’t already, please prepare your 2016 membership form (available to download) before the next event you attend.

Catch you all soon!

Aaron York