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16/11/19 WASCC Enduro Wanneroo 100

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you to all the flaggies who turned up on what was a fairly horrendous stinking hot day. By 11am it was over 34C but Arnold and Glen decided flag point 8 was still too cold so started their own little bonfire. Peter and Stephen took home the most reports award from flag point 4 of all places thanks mainly to excels being, well, excels. Nathan and Ray decided to park the car, which lapped the entire field in the first 15 minutes of the enduro, in the sand 3 laps from the end. We had a BMW randomly stopping at various parts of the circuit, Ken and Dennis did a fantastic job with blue flags in pit lane and simultaneously managing turn 1, while Pete Warrener and Jaimee executed the perfect gender reveal! It was a short day but you all did a really amazing job in really trying conditions. Thank you so much to each and every one of you, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year! (and Stephen K is clearly a better driver than me as he didn’t even crash the bus this event!) – James H