Monthly Archives: March 2021

28/2/21 WASCC Race Meeting

What a start to the 2021 Racing Year. To say it all happened all day would be a massive understatement. A huge THANK YOU to each and every Official for your time yesterday. Many thanks to the Flaggie team. I heard some great things about a couple of new recruits. Thank you to the 3 Formula Ford guys for coming and working hard. Even thank you to the 3 Flaggies who went to the Fire Crew for the day. Sorry there was an incident that required your services, especially on the back of 3 during Saturday’s tuning Day. Even thank you to the young Official who brought a hot cup of Tea in the afternoon…oh wait, that didn’t happen. See you in 4 weeks for Nightmasters…Nathan Green will be the CFM. And yes those ^$^(*& photographers got me again! – Pete M