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Some of us must be gluttons for punishment as quite a few of us, after a late night on Saturday after the Night Masters, came back early Sunday morning to help the VSCC with their Vintage Stampede.

The weather was just a little different from the previous day with a much lower temperature, a breeze and a couple of small showers and a heavier downpour all making the day less enjoyable by being cold and wet then warm and dry then cold and wet again.

Now this was being run as a Regularity Trial NOT a race but apparently some of the drivers didn’t really grasp the idea behind this concept as there was clearly some serious competing going on. The day’s proceeding went ahead with few hitches, a couple of events were red flagged as drivers were not keen to get out of their cars but stayed parked in unsafe positions, a few DNF’s, an introduction of one Special to the tyre wall but generally very close times in all the categories, so well done VSCC organisers and others.

Somehow I get the impression that VSCC radios don’t like me as this event was the second time I’ve “broken” one of their sets… not my fault, it must be the radio!!!


Saturday’s Night Masters meeting promised to be a good day’s racing and I don’t think anyone was disappointed. Weather-wise we would have all been melting if it hadn’t been for the breeze which kept us all cool.

It’s the end of the season and this was reflected with the size of each category being down in numbers but there was still some spirited competition with some clean and determined driving at the front of the Saloon cars between Jason Tremeer and Nick Hanlon with close battles for the other placings. The formula Vee races were (only in my opinion!!) some of the best that I have seen this season, few dramas and close finishing. The HQ’s as usual managed to keep us entertained as they had their Enduro races and it was good to see some co-drivers here from foreign lands (i.e. Eastern States!!) so driving styles were somewhat different between owners and second drivers.

The IPC boys must have felt that it was a long season as a number of cars were missing and a few didn’t manage to still be going at the end of the day, but Matt Cherry in his red beast of a Monaro ran out a clear winner. Ducky, what did you do to your little car as I gather after going well earlier it was retired to the paddock not sounding very healthy!!!!

John Woolaghan’s Ultra came out with the Formula 1000 cars and it’s a pity that their field was so small, again with a number of them not coming out to play as this was an historic first official F1000 race in Australia and we had it here in the West!!!! Unfortunately one blew an engine, another didn’t come back out after the first race so only 3 finished the day, sad really as they go like the clappers and all we can do is hope that next season more owners join in.

The Historic Touring cars gave us and enthusiastic driving display of big muscle cars being hounded by little Minis and a gaggle of Cortina’s mixing it in the middle… mind not all the big boys managed to finish the day in one piece. Likewise the Sports and Marque Sports cars were good to watch.

Even tho’ some of the cars appeared to be going quickly in the daylight, with the lights switched on and Night racing under way the illusion was that they were going a hell of a lot faster. All saloon type categories, including the Ute, livened up the night with glowing disc brakes, intentional drifting and good clean racing, mega spectacular to watch. Congrats to WASCC for the new lighting at Kon’s Corner, I was told later it made a big difference to watching Flaggies and Drivers. So will we see more day/night race meetings next season??? I for one certainly hope so.


Today’s Torque Trophy and Tander Trophy meeting was again really well attended by our members and this is a credit to you all and a Thank You to everyone from your committee. With the temperature expected to be 36, drinks, sun block and bug spray were the priorities, so I hope everyone was OK.

The racing was fast and furious among all the categories and none of the races were immune from the dreaded DNF tag as sizes dropped as the day wore on. Drama for Formula Classics with Mike Henderson’s Ralt having clutch/gearbox issues and the twin bike engine’d whatever-it-was spinning in his own oil and trying to cook itself, because a race between these 2 would have been very interesting as both had fairly similar lap times. The Saloon cars (Hoons) gave their usual display with Rick Gill taking honours for the day after a close tussle with Mick Sciorio. Formula Ford and Vees had their moments but not the number of incidents that we’ve seen in the past, so maybe they are learning it hurts the pocket to damage their cars. Peter Major was mixing it at the front with Chris Mitchell with Andrew Goldie getting in on the action as well.

The IPC series ended as a clean sweep for Matt Cherry in his Monaro with Gavin Reynolds second in all 3 races in his Civic and competition through the rest of the field was intense with all drivers going well, Ducky and Frank Panizza had some close racing with Ducky coming out on top. Good to see Sean Ferrall out again in his Commodore but a shame Leon Panizza wasn’t out today.

Congratulations to all the drivers for an entertaining day with very few incidents.