Monthly Archives: April 2015

12/4/15 Autumn Classic

Another weekend of fantastic racing at Barbagallo Raceway. I appeared to bring the Bathurst weather with me to make sure no one missed out on a bit of wet weather. Granted there wasn’t any fog/low lying cloud. There’s always V8 weekend for that. Today more than made up for yesterday’s few incidents thrown in amongst the great show all classes put on.

Thanks as always to the officials and volunteers who turn up no matter what weather is thrown at them and to the drivers for putting on a great show. And a big welcome to the new Flaggies who have started with us this weekend!

A reminder to all that there’s a training course being run in the Media Centre at Barbs between 10am and 4pm next Sunday for all officials (not just flaggies), especially those attending the V8s. A lot of time being spent on radio communication and incident report writing as both are scrutinised during the V8 weekend. Let me know if you want to come along.

Til next Sunday or V8 weekend, stay dry!