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Change to Blue Flag Rule

Change/Addition to Blue Flag Rule

I have been advised that Western Australia has received permission from CAMS to use the blue flag beyond the minimum of overtaking/passing during practice/qualifying and lapping during races as listed in Appendix H, Clause 3.1.2(d).

In WA (I’ve not be told of any other state bringing this change into effect but it is possible), the blue flag is to be used for all passing (overtaking) in all events (including racing) and goes beyond the minimum of only lapping during races. This rule change is effective immediately. I’m not sure if any bulletin will be issued for the rule change/addition but the Clerks of Course at Collie and Barbagallo expect the rule change to be known and in place at their events.

It was recently done in Collie and it worked extremely well.

Further information will be available at flag marshal briefings at all events. In the meantime, give me a shout if further clarification is needed.

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