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Change to Blue Flag Rule

Change/Addition to Blue Flag Rule

I have been advised that Western Australia has received permission from CAMS to use the blue flag beyond the minimum of overtaking/passing during practice/qualifying and lapping during races as listed in Appendix H, Clause 3.1.2(d).

In WA (I’ve not be told of any other state bringing this change into effect but it is possible), the blue flag is to be used for all passing (overtaking) in all events (including racing) and goes beyond the minimum of only lapping during races. This rule change is effective immediately. I’m not sure if any bulletin will be issued for the rule change/addition but the Clerks of Course at Collie and Barbagallo expect the rule change to be known and in place at their events.

It was recently done in Collie and it worked extremely well.

Further information will be available at flag marshal briefings at all events. In the meantime, give me a shout if further clarification is needed.

0408 918 229

2015 Committee

A big thank you to all the members who could come to the AGM today. Sorry the lunch turned into afternoon tea! Meeting went a bit longer than expected.

I wish to advise all members the 2015 Committee is:

President: Dani Meyn
Vice President/Treasurer: Pete Morley
Secretary: Stephen Pole
General Committee Members: Aaron York, Kim Outtrim, Des Lascelles

On behalf of the Committee, we wish WFMA members and everyone in motorsport a safe and fun Christmas and New Year break.  Hopefully see you all in 2015 to do it all again!


CAMS SPEED EVENT Round (Jack’s Hill) Sunday 07/09/14

Well it was windy and a tad rainy at times. 0730 sign on, well that was easy enough, pretty much as we normally do.

Coffee was on tap and a cooked breakfast supplied (why did I have weet bix earlier?) Drivers/official briefing, everything explained, the who, what, when, where, why and how. Main goal for the day, go home in the same number of pieces that you arrived in.

Ok, good. Off we go to the ‘flag point’, not really a flaggie role, more of a keep your eyes peeled for drivers clipping, hitting safety cones (the drivers get a 5 second penalty for every cone they hit). Way closer to the action….cool.

The morning runs were pretty much drama free.

Lunch more coffee and a freshly made beef and salad roll, a bit of chat with a few drivers and back to our points.

Same points with a twist….chicanes more cones to keep an eye on…more cones to reset (I haven’t run that much in years). I got a visit from the Stewards….oh no….the cops are watching me now.

More cars hitting cones, more running to reset.

Next time one of these events comes around and we get the option to assist, stick your hand up and have a go. It’s not racing as we are used to, it was different. Different people, different drivers, extra rules, all in all, an enjoyable day.

Pete Morley