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Training Session #2

Don’t forget that we will be running Training Session #2 on Sunday 5th October at CAMS offices in Joondanna. Start time is 12 noon and we plan to run a 4 hour session, with breaks, to finish around 4pm.

The session is open to old and new members and anyone who wants to brush up on their skills as a Flag Marshal.

All you need to bring is yourself, a pad and pen, look forward to seeing you there.

Rick B-H


Spices Cup Race Meeting

A massive thank you to everyone who attended the Spices Cup race meeting, you don’t need to be told how horrendous the weather was even after a bright and sunny start to the day. The racing was average to say the least with greatly reduced fields apart from the Formula Fords and Vees who put on their usual display of high speed chasing on a waterlogged track. The Super GT’s were way down in numbers, part due to overseas commitments for some of the drivers but those who competed still managed to entertain the small but enthusiastic crowd.

The Historic Touring cars were completely caught wrong footed in the first race as the 2 Minis proceed to sprint away from the rest of the muscle cars and show how things are done in the wet. The second race was also wet but only 1 mini came out to play and still won but in the third race on a dry (ish) track the BMW lead the way and poor mini finished 4th….Oh memories of mini racing in the 70’s!!

The Historic Racing cars again had Mike Henderson to contend with but even he was 22 seconds per lap slower because of the conditions and the rest seemed to find more entertainment in doing 360’s.

The Regularity field was reduced to 1 open wheeler and 2 sedans due mostly to the VSCC meeting on the previous weekend down in Collie and drivers “saving” their cars for the Historic 2 day meeting in October. It was also disappointing that the Formula 1000 started race 1 with 4 cars, race 2 with 3 and race 3 with 5 but they still showed us just how quick they can go even in the wet!!! Still I am told that next year they expect to have at least 12 cars competing…Let’s hope so.

It was really nice of Steph Wolfgram to send an email showing her appreciation of the difficulties that we had to put up with out there and I have put this up on the WFMA Facebook page for everyone to see. Again thanks to our members, to the drivers who came to help and anyone else who made a cold, wet and windy day at least partly bearable.


Drift Association of WA.

The 2 day drift meeting on 28th and 29th September at the Collie Motorplex IS still going ahead although it’s been removed as an event from the WFMA Facebook page that is only because they have now informed us that they will have enough officials of their own so will not need any us. I gather they already have a massive entry list as drifters will be coming from all over the South West as well as the turn out from the Perth area.

For those of you who had shown an interest in just going down to watch for the day, either the Sunday or the Monday as both will be fantastic to watch, if you’ve ever watched the drift practices or battles at Barbagallo’s then you’re in for a treat at Collie. There is a high bank that gives a great view of the action and if the breeze is in the right direction you won’t be choked by the burning rubber….unless you’re into that sort of thing!!

Compared to September, October is relatively quiet for us and from our calendar the following are some of the events that are coming up. For anyone interested the VSCC have the anniversary meeting out at Lake Perkolilli on Sunday 19th October but Dani may have some information on that if any of us are needed or just as a worthwhile trip out Kalgoorlie way for a weekend.

I have been asked to supply the usual 4 marshals for the Triumph Sports Owners Assoc on Monday 20th October and we get fed and watered as well as being paid for our time.

We also have the 2 day Historic’s Meeting over the weekend of the 25th and 26th so we will need to try to put out a full team for both days, difficult I realise as some of you have work and family commitments on the Saturday but we need to do our best.

Scattered thru the month there are the usual Bike days, Tuning days and Your Car Our Track days which all help to keep Tyler and myself busy.

Italian Festival 14/9/2014

Well it was a sunny day with a breeze on Sunday, couldn’t have asked for better weather to show off the marvelous Italian automobiles. The show and shine was in excess of 80 vehicles and another 50+ motorbikes, with around 60 vehicles and all the bikes including Italy’s finest (scooters?) getting several parade laps on the track.

We got to enjoy the sights and sounds of many Ferrari’s (as long as they were red, red, yellow or red) and Alfa’s with a Lambo thrown in for good measure. There was a decent sized crowd there to watch with genuine Italian food on the plates (and hotdogs as usual but as if anyone would need them when pizza is on offer right? Right??)

We had our youngest Chief Flag Marshal for this event and things went well even finishing early. For the day only around three hard core drivers went off track so it was a good day for all. We hope to go again next year!

– Aaron York

CAMS SPEED EVENT Round (Jack’s Hill) Sunday 07/09/14

Well it was windy and a tad rainy at times. 0730 sign on, well that was easy enough, pretty much as we normally do.

Coffee was on tap and a cooked breakfast supplied (why did I have weet bix earlier?) Drivers/official briefing, everything explained, the who, what, when, where, why and how. Main goal for the day, go home in the same number of pieces that you arrived in.

Ok, good. Off we go to the ‘flag point’, not really a flaggie role, more of a keep your eyes peeled for drivers clipping, hitting safety cones (the drivers get a 5 second penalty for every cone they hit). Way closer to the action….cool.

The morning runs were pretty much drama free.

Lunch more coffee and a freshly made beef and salad roll, a bit of chat with a few drivers and back to our points.

Same points with a twist….chicanes more cones to keep an eye on…more cones to reset (I haven’t run that much in years). I got a visit from the Stewards….oh no….the cops are watching me now.

More cars hitting cones, more running to reset.

Next time one of these events comes around and we get the option to assist, stick your hand up and have a go. It’s not racing as we are used to, it was different. Different people, different drivers, extra rules, all in all, an enjoyable day.

Pete Morley

News Articles

Has anyone got anything that they’d like to submit to the Committee for posting on the web site. It can be a write up of an overseas trip that took in a racing event, How about a profile of some of our local drivers and their machines?



This was the August Race meeting, the second in the month and once again we had a great turn out of members together with a handful of Fvee and Saloon Car drivers as well as 2 new members trying out, thank you to all of you!!

The Formula Fords started the racing and Leanne Tander was dominant in the first race when Peter Major ended up down the field (he came back to 4th at the flag) and Tony Martin was right behind her. In races 2 and 3 it was a battle between Tony and Peter with Leanne in 3rd. Fantastic close racing with plenty of position swapping throughout the field. Formula Ford racing is never boring.

The HQ’s came out next and all day they managed to behave and as usual the field was closely bunched and the reverse grid saw some of the faster drivers managing to get thru the slower cars. Good racing!!

The Super Gt’s first race was Ferrari versus Camaro versus Porsches and V8’s with positions changing all the time. The second race immediately after lunch became an exercise in how not to race when 2 Porsches came together in T6 and had the Safety Car out for a number of laps, Steve Wyatt in his Ferrari had dropped back (reason unknown) but set about getting back to near the front. Race 3 was fast and furious, close racing with few problems. Great to see John Roderick back out in the Lotus Exige after the fire in the garage a couple of races ago and a miss last time out.

The Formula 1000’s started with an entry list of 7, started qualifying with 6, race 1 with 5, race 2 with 4 and 5 again for race 3!!! It was a pleasure to watch Leanne Tander as she drew away from the rest of the pack followed by Adam Proctor, until gear selection problems in race 2 saw them swap positions but she was back out in front for race 3. The rest of the field had a number of reliability problems but hopefully the future will be good for them.

The Saloons came next and with Grant Johnson competing up in Sepang it was left to Rick Gill to try to stick to Garry Hills…close but not close enough. The Saloons always give us an exciting series of races and didn’t disappoint. Chris Kneafsey was a jubilant Championship winner and Justin Chaffey pushed him hard all day.  2 classes of saloons, split grid and a few offs gave the spectators something to watch.

The Street Cars gave an enthusiastic performance with the occasional car disappearing into the pits to come back for the next race. Adam Williams in the Ford Ute managed to finish the 3rd race in the top 3 after a disappointing first couple of races. Andy Stevens didn’t have everything his own way but still managed to win the day. A pity Greg Brocklehurst’s big XC Ford was off the pace as it could be an awesome machine.

It was a good days racing with a bit of a chill early until the sun came thru and as a result of TV News coverage the night before there was a considerable crowd who were treated to an eventful day’s racing and all should have enjoyed everything on show including a lunchtime demo by the Go Karts.