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Italian Festival 14/9/2014

Well it was a sunny day with a breeze on Sunday, couldn’t have asked for better weather to show off the marvelous Italian automobiles. The show and shine was in excess of 80 vehicles and another 50+ motorbikes, with around 60 vehicles and all the bikes including Italy’s finest (scooters?) getting several parade laps on the track.

We got to enjoy the sights and sounds of many Ferrari’s (as long as they were red, red, yellow or red) and Alfa’s with a Lambo thrown in for good measure. There was a decent sized crowd there to watch with genuine Italian food on the plates (and hotdogs as usual but as if anyone would need them when pizza is on offer right? Right??)

We had our youngest Chief Flag Marshal for this event and things went well even finishing early. For the day only around three hard core drivers went off track so it was a good day for all. We hope to go again next year!

– Aaron York