COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Hi Everyone, as you most would be aware a lot of events have been either cancelled or postponed. WA Sporting Car Club events have been cancelled until late June, and the Supercars event has been postponed until later in the year. See the promotors respective websites or facebook pages for any updates.

16/11/19 WASCC Enduro Wanneroo 100

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you to all the flaggies who turned up on what was a fairly horrendous stinking hot day. By 11am it was over 34C but Arnold and Glen decided flag point 8 was still too cold so started their own little bonfire. Peter and Stephen took home the most reports award from flag point 4 of all places thanks mainly to excels being, well, excels. Nathan and Ray decided to park the car, which lapped the entire field in the first 15 minutes of the enduro, in the sand 3 laps from the end. We had a BMW randomly stopping at various parts of the circuit, Ken and Dennis did a fantastic job with blue flags in pit lane and simultaneously managing turn 1, while Pete Warrener and Jaimee executed the perfect gender reveal! It was a short day but you all did a really amazing job in really trying conditions. Thank you so much to each and every one of you, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year! (and Stephen K is clearly a better driver than me as he didn’t even crash the bus this event!) – James H

26-27/10/19 Race meeting

What an amazing weekend of motorsport! Nothing short of eventful, but very entertaining racing on track. A huge thank you to the always fantastic officials for two huge days in trying weather. Thank you to everyone involved in a beautiful dedication to a true gentleman of the sport, Rob Janney. A huge thank you to everyone who played a part in today’s events. Nothing we do will ever repay what Rob has done for the club and the sport and, again, we say thank you for all you’ve done.

2019 Supercars

A massive thank you to all WFMA Flaggies and all officials for your efforts during the Pirtek Perth Supernight. It was challenging, exciting and so much more all at the same time.
I was particularly impressed with our newest officials and with the YO program. Great job to all involved – Dani

March Golden Jubilee Race Meet

What a weekend of motorsport at Barbagallo Raceway! Firstly, a huge congratulations to WA Sporting Car Club for an amazing event very worthy of the 50th anniversary of the track. The new surface sounds like it’s a winner for everyone, with lap records falling everywhere so it will be very interesting to see how far they fall in the coming months as the track starts gripping up more. The facilities, surrounds and track look absolutely amazing. There was a ton of work done over the off-season and it certainly paid off. Well done to the Committee and staff, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

Next to the drivers, many of you certainly kept the officials busy but well done on driving hard and providing fantastic entertainment for the crowd that came in over the two days. Thank you to everyone who competed over the two days across all the classes, HQ Racing WA, Saloon Car Racing WA, Formula Vee Western Australia, Formula Classic WA, WA Formula Ford, Aus F1000, WA Excel Cup, Improved Production Racing Association of WA, Street Car Racing Association of WA, Sports Cars, Sports Sedans, Historic Touring Cars and Time Challenge. Hopefully no one has been forgotten!

Last but definitely not least, the officials. You guys and gals, thank you!!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Holy smokes, weren’t you all tested over the two days and you all got the job done! There were a number of oil clean ups, cars going where they shouldn’t, Saturday’s very windy conditions being very testing, Sunday’s hot weather making life very trying for everyone, officials and drivers alike, but the amazing group of officials banded together and got on with getting every event run (and it was a hugely ambitious schedule for the two days!!!!). Congratulations to each and every official for their part in making this weekend the success it was.

So starts the 2019 race season and, if this weekend is just the start, it’s going to be a great year of circuit racing!

2018 VA Supercars

Hi everyone

That is now the Supercars weekend done for another year! I want to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for a fantastic job done over the weekend. Whether you did one day, two days, or all three, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving up your time and putting in an amazing effort. Things got particularly tough for a couple of days with a few no-shows and a few people withdrawing every day, plus our ongoing support for the Young Officials program on Saturday. Thank you all for being flexible while I moved many people around to balance the flag points out.

Thank you to the flaggies from interstate for making the trip across the Nullarbor to join the team. Having made the trip in the opposite direction a few times, I know it’s not a cheap exercise, both financially and in time. You’re all welcome back at any time and hopefully I will see you at the Bathurst 6 Hour when a group of us make the trip over east next year.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my Fox team. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated and you all did a fantastic job in supporting the flag points in your sectors over the three days.

This year was the first time trialling a Fox team and trying to keep pairs of flag marshals together throughout the three days, with just a change of flag point to give a different view of the track. With such a high percentage of people not able to attend for various reasons throughout the weekend, it became a bit more difficult keeping people together. We welcome any feedback anyone may have regarding anything flaggy over the weekend. I can’t guarantee I can fix it but I would like to know what worked and what didn’t.

Further to Tracey’s speech last night, WASCC would also like constructive criticism sent through to me if there’s anything anyone would like passed on to WASCC.

From Colin’s speech, it’s all looking positive from the sounds of things to get a new contract signed with Supercars. For those not aware, this weekend’s event was the last event in the current contract, so negotiations have commenced for a new contract. With the calibre of event put on with the high level of professionalism of the whole group of officials, it does make life a bit easier to get a new contract signed, which is a credit to you all again.

Just to give everyone the heads up, I won’t be checking this email for the next couple of days. I’m taking a couple of days off from motorsport before moving into Clerk of Course role for the next two events on the state calendar. Hopefully this break will be far more successful at being ‘no motorsport’ than the scheduled weekend in Brisbane I took a couple of weeks ago where there was meant to be no motorsport and I spent four days on it. Hahahahaha! Please send through your feedback and I will respond once I’m back on air.

Once again, well done and to the WA flaggies, I will hopefully catch you in Collie in a couple of weeks or Albany/Barbs next month!


22/10/17 IPC Nationals

Another massive weekend of motorsport is done and dusted at Barbagallo Raceway and there was some spectacular racing over both days from Saloon Car Racing WA, WA Historic Touring Car Club, Formula Vee Western Australia, Formula Classic WA, Aus F1000, WA Formula Ford, WA Excel Cup, HQ Racing WA, Street Racing Car and Improved Production Racing Association of WA with bonus interstate drivers for the IPC Nationals. Congratulations to all the 2017 state champions decided on the weekend.

Another job well done to all officials. Two long days and I know most were really tired at the end of the weekend. You all did the event proud.

Catch you all at the last event of the season at Barbagallo, Wanneroo 300, on 18th November!

1/10/17 Coalfields 500

Another Vintage Sports Car Club of WA Coalfields 500 event is done and dusted and what a weekend of Motorsport. Competitors certainly kept the Officials on their toes, from track clean ups to a high number of cars that had no go-go left in them.

Huge thank you to Saloon Car Racing WA, Formula Classic WA, Formula Vee Western Australia and HTCC for their ongoing support of VSCC events. I hope you all had a great event.

Officials, another great job with a ton of clean ups, a couple of bonus oil spills, and a load of recoveries. It certainly kept us all busy for two days. Thank you for another awesome weekend.

Hopefully catch everyone at the IPC Nationals event in around two and a half weeks.

– Dani

2017 Supercars

So another Supercars weekend is over in Perth and what a massive weekend of motor sport in WA. I think the dust has settled and hopefully everyone is heading into their second night of rest and recovery.

I will dedicate this entire post to the officials and volunteers who work tirelessly in their chosen roles and, at times, they can feel like thankless jobs. However, without the dedication of many nameless officials and volunteers, no motor sport event will happen. Through rain, hail, shine, wind, cold, heat, whatever the elements want to throw at them, the volunteers and the officials show up event after event after event.

When I put on the Chief hat this weekend, I already knew I would be Chief of the very best flag marshal team. By the end of the weekend, after everything was said, after everything was done, what I thought I had known was not any where near close to what I watched over the weekend. I was so insanely proud of everyone. Proud of the individuals who gained valuable experience and new knowledge throughout the weekend. Proud of the individuals who passed on their experience and knowledge. Proud of the individuals who never stopped giving their absolute best and pushing beyond that.

But the best part of it all? Proud of the team, as a whole, as a group. Everyone stuck by each other. Everyone backed each other. And THAT is why each and every flag marshal this weekend made it an absolute pleasure to represent them as Chief Flag Marshal. So thank you.

Thank you for your dedication.

Thank you for your commitment.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your trust.

Thank you for your contribution to our sport.

Thank you for your passion.

Thank you for being you.

Dani Meyn
Chief Flag Marshal
Supercars – Perth SuperSprint event

18/3/17 Nightmasters

If you didn’t get to the Nightmasters event last night at Barbagallo Raceway, you seriously missed out on a fantastic day/night of racing! Massive thank you to HQ Racing WA, WA Excel Cup, Street Car Racing Association of WA, WA Sports Sedan & Sports Car Association Inc, Saloon Car Racing WA, Improved Production Racing Association of WA, Aus F1000, WA Historic Touring Car Club and Formula Vee Western Australia for an awesome turnout in all classes and very entertaining races last night.

Massive thank you to all the officials for yesterday. It pretty much never got warm, was wet at the start, was freezing cold at the end, but you all hung in there and did an amazing job. There were certainly a ton of incidents to keep us all busy for the day.

Next event on the WFMA calendar is the Vintage Sports Car Club of WA‘s Northam Motor Sport Festival, which incorporates the Northam Flying 50. 1-2 April, come on down for a fun filled weekend!

Til next time at the track!