3/4/16 Northam Flying 50

Thank you to all WFMA members who came out to Northam for the Flying 50.

It turned out to be quite a warm day in the sun and we had good fields of
cars. From what I saw when walking around the circuit, spectator numbers
were good and they all seemed to be having a good time.

Our only notable incident was a major oil spill on the track about six
events from the end that nearly brought the day’s proceedings to a halt. The
amount of oil that was spread over the track was more than the kitty litter
available could cope with. Thanks to the Northam Volunteer Fire and Rescue
for chipping in with their own supplies – it meant that the oil spill that
continued from before turn 1 to after turn 3 could all be cleaned up and the
track made safe again for the final events of the day.

After every event, we always ask ourselves the questions of “How did we do?”
and “What can we do better next time?” I have a couple of suggestions myself
which I’ll be passing on but I’m sure the Committee would love to hear any
feedback from those of you who went. But on the whole, our members
represented WFMA very well as usual, in whatever role they were performing,
from waving flags, to temporary track marshals, to race control,
start/finish line and more. We are very lucky to have such a diverse group
of people with skills in so many areas. Thank you all for making my job so
easy on the day.

For those that didn’t make it there this year, why not put your hand up for
the 2017 event! It’s a great day out and the temporary street circuit is a
different environment to what we’re used to. – Doug Bell

28/3/16 Super Karts

Well the weather was perfect and once teething problems were sorted out we were left with a great day of racing. The drivers obviously liked it as they keep coming out until the sun went down. Several minor incidents kept everyone on their toes, finding new ways to test the crew. We had just enough people to cover the entire track so I hope to have the same or more attend next time. – Aaron

WASCC registration

WFMA flaggies, for those who sent their WASCC registration form in before my email sent during the week, please look in your letterbox over the next few days. My 2016 passes and parking sticker have arrived. For those who sent in their form after my email, passes can be picked up at the Officials Function on 17 February. Those flaggies unable to attend the function, I will follow up with WASCC as to when your passes will be available next week. – Dani

2015 AGM / Committee / Constitution / Calendar

Greetings all!

A massive thank you to all WFMA members for attending the AGM or sending through their proxy vote paperwork. We had a fantastic turn out! With it being very much business-like and a lot less social than our usual AGMs, the Committee will be putting together a social event so keep an eye out for information to follow later.

The WFMA 2016 Committee is:
President: Dani Meyn
Vice President: Peter Morley
Secretary: Aaron York
Treasurer: Stephen Pole
Committee members: Kim Outtrim, Tyler Morley, Robert Pole

The new Constitution with minor changes was accepted by more than a two-thirds majority of those members in attendance. All financial members (this now includes our Young Officials), will receive notification when the paperwork has been accepted by the Department of Commerce.

The calendar is up on Facebook (and our website) with a document to be released once Super Karts provide their dates. Keep an eye out for WFMA training, we will endeavour to have two sessions before the V8s roll into town, with a further two training sessions to be held later in the year, plus a session in Collie.

If there are any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate getting in touch with one of the Committee members. All contact details and committee meeting dates can be found under the Join/Contact Us tab and if you haven’t already, please prepare your 2016 membership form (available to download) before the next event you attend.

Catch you all soon!

Aaron York

21/11/15 & 29/11/15 weekends

The last two weekends have seen the circuit event season come to an end. With only one sprint event left with just a few lucky officials taking part in next weekend’s speed event, most are signing off for the year. Last weekend saw the WASCC Enduro Race Meeting at Barbagallo Raceway and I think the showcase event was the Wanneroo 100. Showing off the new 2016 partners in crime, HQ Racing WA and WA Excel Cup, it made for some great racing. Hopefully signs of things to come for 2016. Well done also go to the drivers from Saloon Car Racing WA, Improved Production Racing Association of WA and Street Car Racing Western Australia (I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, sorry!) for their W200 and W300 events!

This weekend saw the weekend open with a WA Drift practice. A huge shout out to the flaggies who showed up after a last minute call up. It was great to watch from the sidelines as you all arrived to offer support to not only WA Drift but also one of our own flaggy members.

Saturday saw a group head down for Super Karts WA event at Collie Motorplex. Thanks for those who travelled down for the day, especially when you all turned around and headed to…

Vintage Stampede put on by Vintage Sports Car Club of WA today. I want to thank each and every person, official, volunteer and driver, for making my first Clerk of Course stint an absolute pleasure. While we finished late, the feeling from all competitors was that it was a fantastically run event and they all were stoked with how it all came together. That comes down to all the officials and volunteers working the event so you should all be extremely proud of a job well done.

To everyone I won’t see between now and the end of the year, have a great break, a great Christmas and a great New Year. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy the holidays that come with it. We as a group (not just as flaggies but the whole group of officials and volunteers) have had a fantastic 2015 and here’s to an even bigger and better 2016!

– Dani

24/10/15 Shannon’s Summer Race Meeting

A big well done and pat on the back to all officials and volunteers who worked at Shannon’s Summer Race Meeting this weekend at Barbagallo Raceway. The drivers certainly threw some curve balls (and tyre) our way but you were all up for the challenge. It’s always fantastic being a part of such a wonderful group of people. I pretty much say that every event but, working within different teams across my 15 years of officiating, working with my WA family of officials is always a pleasure.

Formula Fords, Formula Classic and F1000s had some seriously fast pace again, which made for some great racing. It was fantastic to see so many F1000s out yesterday. I hope the class continues to strengthen into 2016.

As always, Improved Production Racing Association of WA and WA Excel Cup put on a fantastic show and I hope Tim and Glen are okay. Hopefully see you all down in Collie on 8th November for your end of season sheep station battle.

Formula Vee Western Australia, what can I say? The racing was amazing all weekend. Close racing throughout the entire class and edge of your seat stuff between the lead four cars.

HQ Racing WA, you all certainly keep things entertaining on circuit and are very much a welcome sight at the end of the day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to the end of day BBQ. A big thank you for giving up your time to feed the hungry hordes, service is always with a smile.

Last but certainly not least, WA Historic Touring Car Club. Another of the WA clubs who have gone above and beyond supporting us flaggies. Thank you to the drivers who have participated in the lunchtime meet and greets during the season, it has been great putting face to name and car and getting to know you all. Another thank you for Sunday’s breakfast, it went down an absolute treat. It is always a pleasure watching your races and this weekend was no different.

Circuit racing season is slowly drawing to an end with only two events left for the year. Will hopefully see everyone in Collie in a couple of weeks or at the enduro nightmasters a fortnight after that.


27/9/15 Nightmasters

Nightmasters events are always fantastic and last night was no different. Don’t think there were any officials who didn’t have something to do throughout the day/night, with everyone being kept busy. Awesome job done by everyone. Great working with you all again!

Fantastic racing put on by all competitors, Saloon Car Racing WA, HQ Racing WA, Formula Vee Western Australia, Improved Production Racing Association of WA, WA Excel Cup and Formula Fords. Street Car Racing Association WA combining with Super GTs certainly was certainly entertaining! Can’t wait til the next Nightmaster event that will include enduros!

Catch you all at the next event!


20/09/15 Italian Festival

Well what a fantastic day it turned out to be! Sunshine all day on freshly cleaned Italian beauties. There were vehicles on track from start to finish with both bikes and cars, and over 50 cars took part in the parade laps. We hope to attend again next year!

13/9/15 Collie

What a fantastic weekend of racing at Collie Motorplex with the Vintage Sports Car Club of WA‘s Coalfields 500 event. Yesterday, the weather was a tad rubbish. Today, it was dry but bitterly cold.

Officials, another awesome job where we managed to find half an hour both days to finish early with all events run. Well done! Hopefully you’re all now back home and warmed up.

Formula Vee Western Australia, Formula Classic, Group N/C Touring Cars and the regularity groups put on a fantastic show. Thank you very much for the great events!


5/9/15 Super Karts

A massive thank you to all the flaggies who came along to the Super Karts at Barbagallo Raceway. It was a really long day with some rubbish weather in the mix but a fantastic job done by all. Three events to go for the month. Catch you all in Collie or at Barbagallo at some stage over the month! – Dani