20/09/15 Italian Festival

Well what a fantastic day it turned out to be! Sunshine all day on freshly cleaned Italian beauties. There were vehicles on track from start to finish with both bikes and cars, and over 50 cars took part in the parade laps. We hope to attend again next year!

13/9/15 Collie

What a fantastic weekend of racing at Collie Motorplex with the Vintage Sports Car Club of WA‘s Coalfields 500 event. Yesterday, the weather was a tad rubbish. Today, it was dry but bitterly cold.

Officials, another awesome job where we managed to find half an hour both days to finish early with all events run. Well done! Hopefully you’re all now back home and warmed up.

Formula Vee Western Australia, Formula Classic, Group N/C Touring Cars and the regularity groups put on a fantastic show. Thank you very much for the great events!


5/9/15 Super Karts

A massive thank you to all the flaggies who came along to the Super Karts at Barbagallo Raceway. It was a really long day with some rubbish weather in the mix but a fantastic job done by all. Three events to go for the month. Catch you all in Collie or at Barbagallo at some stage over the month! – Dani

23/8/15 SETS Spring Meeting

Slightly delayed… In my tired stupor, I thought I’d already done this.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a day of racing and Day 2 threw as much action at us as Day 1 at the SETS Spring Race Meeting at Barbagallo Raceway. A lot of fantastic racing put on by Formula Vee Western Australia, Formula Ford, Formula Classic and F1000s.

Officials, no matter what is thrown at you, you always do an amazing job. Certainly some curveballs thrown into the mix but you all took it in your stride and got things done. Well done!

Busy month ahead. Will see some of you at Dirt Trackers Sunday 30 August, Super Karts Sunday 5 September, Coalfieds 500 12-13 September, Tuning Day 19 September, Italian Festival 20 September, Drifts 25-26 September and/or Nightmasters on 27 September. Plenty on!



22/8/15 SETS Spring Meeting

Day 1 of the SETS Spring Race Meeting at Barbagallo Raceway and what a day! All officials were kept busy but what an amazing job you all did! Another day of fantastic racing put on by Improved Production Racing Association of WA, WA Excel Cup, Saloon Car Racing WA, Street Car Racing Association WA, WA Historic Touring Car Club and Super GT. Great job, guys and gals! Always keeping us officials on our toes.


26/7/15 Mid Year Race

Day 2 of the Mid Year Race Meeting certainly didn’t disappoint either! Very entertaining stuff from Saloon Car Racing WA, Formula Fords, Super GTs and Street Car Racing Association WA. Great racing from you all.

To the WA Historic Touring Car Club, not just fantastic racing, but a big thank you to your drivers who gave up their time to come for a meet and greet with the flaggies. It is certainly appreciated and it’s great to put a face to the name and car.

As always, officials and volunteers, awesome job! These guys and gals couldn’t race without you but we would certainly have very boring weekends without them.

Catch you all in August!


25/7/15 Mid Year Race

WOW! What an absolutely awesome day of racing today at Barbagallo Raceway! Formula Vee Western Australia, I think Race 3 summed today up nicely with 5 cars finishing within 0.21 seconds of each other. That battle was fantastic to watch! Three great races from all of you guys and gals! HQ Racing WA, all races were entertaining and I’m pretty sure we could see some of the grins on the faces of drivers through their helmets, looked like they were having a blast out there. F1000 and Formula Classic, it was great to see so many cars out there! Makes for some very interesting races.

A big THANK YOU to all officials who came out today! You are all amazing!


4/7/15 Collie

After a last minute call up, three of WFMA’s flaggies headed down to Collie Motorplex for a round of Super Karts. While numbers were low, the racing did not disappoint and some of those karts were very fast, with the fastest lap a 45.98s. If anyone has a chance to do one of these events in the future, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. The day was absolutely fantastic and we were very well looked after! – Dani

28/6/15 Winter Classic

After a long break between events, yesterday’s Winter Classic Race Meeting at Barbagallo Raceway certainly made the wait worth it. A huge thank you to all officials and volunteers for working through the day without a timetabled lunch break so drivers could do what they turned up to do and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Fantastic racing and some great fields put on by Saloon Car Racing WA, Improved Production Racing Association of WA, Formula Fords, Street Car Racing Association WA, Super GTs, WA Historic Touring Car Club and Formula Classic.

Catch you all on 25 and 26 July to do it all again!


13/6/15 Bowling Night

What an awesome night of bowling! Fun and shenanigans had by all. A big thank you to everyone who came along and for the partners and family who also joined in. A few of us will just stick to flags and I have a few extra members for my gutter ball team. I think I still hold #1 though with my 4 gutter balls in a row… Haha! Congratulations to our Top 6 trophy winners with Kim having the highest score of the night. Congratulations to everyone who picked up the bonus prizes (Kim will have to tell us when he schedules his hot laps in, we must watch…), and to Andrew for taking out Shot of the Night (pity I didn’t get it on video!) Catch everyone on the 28th! – Dani